Some customs never grow old, but instead, become traditions.

Some flavours can never be forgotten, but instead, become part of a larger passion for authentic and wholesome food. Some secrets are meant to be guarded and handed down from generation to generation.

Our name is associated with the finest art of charcuterie: for over 150 years we have painstakingly prepared high-quality meats and game, applying our wealth of experience while meeting the quality and safety standards required by the modern food industry.

Select raw ingredients, chosen and inspected on site; qualified staff, traditional working methods, and a pinch of our own creativity: it all goes into offering you the very best. Each piece is a story unto itself: skillfully cut by hand, carefully seasoned with spices and herbs, then allowed to age naturally as long as it takes to obtain an exquisite product, created for the most finicky palates.

Behind it all is a modern company, operating in a workspace that is truly cutting-edge, in terms of both high-tech equipment and logistics; this allows us to provide you with fast and flexible delivery service.

Riding successfully on the crest of the growth trend in the sector, the company is now increasingly focused on a desire to build on our reputation, pushing the boundaries of the market where we are already a well-established presence.

Where we are

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